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NBA 2K18 – More Players to Collect With Throwback Packs 

The Historic MyTeam player collection for NBA 2K18 is getting more items such as Mark Jackson, Detlef Schrempf, and Kenny Smith. 
NBA 2K18 MyTeam features a historic collection called Throwback that is regularly expanded with new cards. The players that are part of this collection are past (and some even current) NBA stars. Some of them are still involved in the NBA or the basketball scene even if they don't play on the court anymore. There are various players chosen for this set. The latest added batch has players from different NBA teams. They also fulfill varied positions. 

From the Sacramento Kings we have Rudy Gay. This sapphire card has great athleticism and shooting. The system proficiency for this card is perimeter centric. Mark Jackson is a player from the New York Knicks team. This sapphire card has good assist. The recommendation is to use it as a playmaker. Other sapphire cards are Kenny Smith, Mike Miller, and Nick Anderson. Smith, a Houston Rockets player, has good open shot three rating and finishing abilities. Mike Miller from the Memphis Grizzlies is another player with good shooting. He has 95 in open shot three. Miller is also equipped with some badges that boost his shooting. Zach Randolph is another Grizzlies player. Randolph has a long NBA career that started in 2001. He is now with another team but his MyTeam Throwback card depicts him in his Grizzlies uniform. This card has 81 open shoot three and very good rebound. Nick Anderson, a former Orlando Magic member, is a shooting guard player. He has good shooting and three pointers. 
The Seattle Supersonics are represented by Detlef Schrempf. This card is a great small forward with badges like pick and popped. It has 88 in triangle system proficiency. From Los Angeles Clippers we have Danny Manning. This amethyst player is obtained when players gather all the cards from the Clippers Historic set. Manning is a power forward with great speed and draw foul ratings. Another amethyst player that is acquired as a reward is Joe Johnson. Players get this card when they finish the Atlanta Hawks Historic collection. This card comes with 11 gold badges and also the hall of fame one. If you didn't get any of these card, you can get better players you need with NBA 2K18 MT in the market. Also players like Kyle Korver, World B. Free, Dennis Rodman, and Xavier McDaniel are also included in this set. 

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